Ham Radio Information


  • Two operating positions.
  • 2 FT-1000D HF radios, with one microHAM Interface/Keyer.
  • Rotor controllers, Antenna Switches, etc.
  • Computer. 
  • The radio room is located inside the house, so it is air conditioned.
  • Amplifiers (one Alpha 86, one ACOM 2000A) is available for an additional $200/week.
  • Two-Radio/Two-Amplifier operation is highly discouraged.  To discuss this further, contact us.


  • Two-stack TH7, top antenna rotates, bottom is Fixed on Europe (10/15/20m)
  • Two-stack TH7, top antenna rotates, bottom is Fixed on USA (10/15/20m)
  • 4-element Stepp-IR at 60' (6-20m)
  • Cushcraft 2-element 40 at 70'.
  • Inverted V's for 80 and 160.
  • 43' vertical with Tuner (mostly used for 30m)

Ham Licensing:

  • Aruba requires a two-month-in-advance application for a license and does not flex from this policy!!   
  • See our Aruba Ham Radio Licensing page for application form and instructions.  

For more information, see our Rates & Availability page,
contact us if you have any questions.

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